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Default Re: Aqua on action replay

I compete in the Pokemon VGC and I can honestly say that legal hacks or RNG abuse is one of the only ways to play it. Yes, it cuts out casual players from competing in the events- no actually, it doesn't cut them out of the events, however it does cut them out of doing extraordinarily well in such events. The first time I went to one of these events I didn't enter, I went along with 2 friends that did. One of them made both the teams himself (no knowledge of RNG and didn't use legal hacks) but he did breed for the natures, and he did EV train them all himself. Both of them made it to the Top 32 before they got a loss and were eliminated from the tournament. Not bad for first-timers with little battling experience, huh? So it's not to say people who don't RNG or use legal hacks can't do well. Since then, Pokemon has adopted a Swiss tournament layout, a certain number of games and depending on your Win/Loss record you play others who have very similar records to yours. This opens up many doors to new/casual players who also only know EV training, or EV training and breeding, or what have you, allowing them to play more games rather than getting kicked out after a Round 1 loss. Plus, the social aspect of the entire tournament is still there, and the battling is still there, win or loss.

What's separating the competitive player between the casual player is the person with RNG'd Pokemon. While it may seem "unfair" it's what pretty much evens out the playing field. Okay, some people don't have the patience to learn how to RNG abuse their Pokemon, that's too bad for them. Say two kids, both casual players, have the same Pokemon with the same EV set and Nature in mind. They both breed for their egg moves and Nature. Then they both train for their specific EVs and such. But it just so happens that one of the kids' Pokemon has higher stats than the other and is able to say, survive an extra hit, or outspeed a certain Pokemon - even with the exact same EV spreads and natures and such. Is it fair that both of them put the same amount of effort in and got lopsided results? Of course not, but the use of RNG programs makes them the same; it makes them equal.

The same can be said about anything, let's say cooking. If two people are in a cooking competition and they're making the same food, say apple pie, but one of them has a better apple resource than the other or maybe they used a more expensive, luxury sugar than the other, they're more likely to win. Why? Because they have better ingredients. They're not doing anything wrong, they just have that privilege.

Point is, if you're gonna try to be the best trainer out there, you're gonna have to have the best Pokemon you can. RNG Abuse and legal hacks make it possible to battle on a middleground. RNG Abuse doesn't come without effort, you still need to EV train your Pokemon and such, I can't say the same about legal hacks, though.


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