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Default Re: Aurora City Gym

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Aurora Gym!

Before I walk to the Gym, I visit the Mart. I buy two stones for two certain someones. "Singe, Eclipse, go!"

"What is it Corey?" Singe asked.

"Huh?" Eclipse wondered.

"I need to ask you a very important question Singe." I told the little Pansear. "But first..." I flash the Dusk Stone to Eclipse. He smiles. I lay the stone near him. He begins to glow...

"H-huh?! Is he evolving?!" Singe cried. The evolution was over. Murkrow had evolved into Honchkrow!

"Honch! I feel great! This was definitely the best decision I've ever made!" Eclipse cried.

"So, you want me to...?" Singe looked at me.

"Not if you don't want to." I assured him.

"Will it hurt?" He asked.

"Not at all! It feels great!" Eclipse laughed.

"Y-yes." Singe looked at me.

"So, you will? Are you sure? You can't de-evolve you know."

"Yes. I-I'm ready!" He grabbed the Fire Stone out of my hand. Singe is evolving! The light bent and morphed into a Simisear! "W-wow! This does feel great! I'm a Simisear!" Singe cried.

"I thought you'd like it!" I smiled. "Now, to the Aurora City Gym!"

We entered the Gym and went face to face with the leader, J.C.

"Are you the gym leader?" I asked. He nodded. "Then, may I trouble you for a battle?!" A smile came to the leader's face.


Trainer: Corey Ty

|Volcano|Statica|Singe| Dandia|Eclipse|Titan|
Currently: Aurora Gym!

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