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Default Re: Route 2

Zetsu enters Route 2, kicking the leaves around with his feet, while breathing the fresh air, and smiling while gazing at the trees with Minccino at his side.

"A new area, new pokemon, and one step closer to the next town!" he said to Minccino, while taking out his pokegear, checking the habitats of pokemon that live in the area.

He flipped open the pokegear, and checked under "Route 2", finding that the forests and trees hold some good pokemon. Zetsu stopped, and took a good look at the trees, which were rustling oddly, as if they were being shaken by something.

Zetsu walks over to the shaking trees, and looks around, observing the grass and tree branches above him....

"What is making these trees shake?" He thinks to himself, while getting more and more puzzled.

Name: Zetsu
Party: Skorupi, Minccino
Currently: Walking through Route 2.
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