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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
So how was it. Ive never been one for Bond movies really. And I didnt realize Ho-oh would be moving down from Ubers either. Lol. Its been waaaay too long for me since Ive been in the game. Still need to even beat my Black 2.

On a side not my Morpher came in!
Adding pic pretty damn soon.

lol, it looks like you're actually hoping that you transform into a power ranger

Originally Posted by XxK1NGxTHORxX View Post
whats up everyone?? been awhile ahha
yaoo KT how you been?

@aqua, sometimes it seems like you just like to be contradictory to invoke a debate, lol, i've never used HO-OH competitively, not just because it is uber, but because of the aforementioned 4x rock weakness, which i would always carry on my team, so i just assume everyone else does, i can see your point, but i think it's more of a limbomon, not the best choice for a physical sweeper in Uber, but just OP enough in OU to cause people fits,

@eevee, how's school going?

@everyone else, (even though i'm pretty sure there isn't much more that are currently active) sorry about my absence, theres been a major family issue i've been dealing with, and i'll continue to be busy until thursday at the soonest, so the clan cleaning won't happen till then, i haven't touched my ds, though i have picked up an xbox controller a few times andwatched a few movies,

hope everyone had a great halloween!
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