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Default Zoro's Dark Sprite Shop

I'm kind of a beginner at Pokémon sprites... but practice makes perfect, so I decided to open a sprite shop ^^

Requests are currently -OPEN-

1. Only two requests per person at a time. You may request more when I've finished the first set of requests.
2. My sprites may be used as avatars or in signatures, etc. However, you must NOT claim my sprites as your own.
3. Make sure the requests are clear so I can understand them
4. Please be patient, you may send me a reminder if your request isn't completed in less than a week, but don't rush me.

Giving me credit for any sprites you do use in signatures is appreciated, but entirely optional.

Anyways, here's what I can do:
Pokemon Eggs:



Missingno Pokemon:

Side note: Missingno sprites are very time consuming and somewhat complicated, so don't expect them to be completed straight away.

I'll add some new sprites later but for now I'll keep things simple.

Anyway, request away :3
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