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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Alyssa shoots a glare at the monk, pulling out a pokeball of her own before looking at Seth and Luna.

"Let's take him out..."

Pokemon using: Croconaw (18)
Pokemon Battling: Gastly (17)
Bonuses: -5 evolution
Attackers Points after: 6
Attackee's Points after: 0

Auron throws out a Hoothoot

Pokemon using: Hoothoot (5)
Pokemon Battling: Gastly (17)
Attacker's Points after: 0
Attackee's Points after: 12

There edited it.

The ghosts appear still looking for battle.



Seth looks over.
"this is all just a diversion !"
He takes out a pokemon.

Cyndaquil comes out. The Gastly comes right at it knocking it back. Cyndaquil gets up growling. It starts glow

Pokemon using: Quilava (14)
Pokemon Battling: Gastly (17)
Bonuses: -5 evolution
Attackers Points after: 2
Attackee's Points after: 0

The gastly flies back into its pokeball.

Seth looks over athe group.
"You guys take of the last one, I want to get that machine. "
He turns to Luna.
"time to earn your pay..girl."

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

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