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Default Re: Zenith Town

Trainer: Quinn
Location: Zenith Town

"Well, finally back!" Quinn says. "Time to challenge the Gym!" Luxio purrs in excitement. When Quinn walks over to the Gym, he sees a sign that says "CLOSED." Plain and simple. "MIME...!" He goes to the Pokemon Center to sleep the night and exchanges Pokemon.

Entered Zenith from Route 5. Put Bobalina and Derpina in party.

You think this post is over? Noep. Suddenly, a Poke Ball fell from the sky! Sweet, free Poke Ball, Quinn thinks. The ball has Bachuru labeled on it. He throws the ball in the air a Joltik pops out!

"God...I've been in that Poke Ball for DAYS!" It says when it comes out. "...Who are you?"

"I'm Quinn," Quinn replies. "I'm guessing your Bachuru?"

"Yes. I came from Japan. All of the sudden, I see this very elegant room, with a bunch of people. Then, this."

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