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Originally Posted by Popshakes View Post
NAME: Nicole "Nikki" Eelayo.

AGE/GENDER: 18/Female.

PERSONALITY: On the inside, Nikki is quite the timid character in comparison to her older brother, Damon. She doesn't show her true colors until she either warms up or has seen the said person too much to keep up her ruse - and even then Nikki doesn't usually break from her faux shell. She will purposely put on a false front to deceive her opponents rather than letting them see her for who she actually is on the inside - a timid character. On the outside Nikki acts as a pompous and sarcastic know-it-all who blemishes others with her usually deceiving knowledge (hardly is it ever true).

Once Nikki opens up to others however it's a whole other ball-game. She acts, more or less, to her true colors. Truly, Nikki is a sweet girl. Throughout her younger years she had undergone countless bullying, which overtime, forced her to create someone stronger. Someone who can take all the pain and drama. Thus her alter ego formed - the person she outlashes at those she does not know.

In battle, Nikki is usually seen on the sidelines, rather than on the battlefield, providing assistance. Sharp and quick-witted, Nikki is a tactical thinker. Unlike her sibling she fights with her speed and brains rather than her intimidation and brawns.

APPEARANCE: Nikki stands at 5'6'' with a slim waist and weight of 115 lbs. Naturally, she has pitch-black hair but due to her utter urge to be someone she isn't she has since dyed her once long locks platinum blonde - leaving her gorgeous black hair at the tips of her hair. Since her attitude adjustment she has since cut her hair into something more durable - into fine choppy locks that sit a little above her shoulders. Some people say she resembles her Jolteon (which, was purposely done). Her skin tone is creamy with light freckles about her skin and her emerald colored eyes compliment her soft complexion.

Her attire is quite spunky. Usually she's seen wearing an armless black vest with spiky, white ruffles around her neck. It stops mid-way down her body and has two yellow buttons on the right side. Underneath is a white, tight tube top that is tucked tightly under mid-thigh denim ash-grey shorts. Nikki also wears white tights on her legs and mid-calf solid-black boots with a yellow-outlined buckle on the toe of the boot.

Her GLADIATOR outfit takes on a personality of it's own. She's fitted with a black, skin-tight suit that travels up to her shoulders. Her suit is cut-off in a v-neck style that comes back together between her shoulder-blades and wraps around the lower part of her neck. Attached to the "collar-like" structure are three glowing lightning bolts. From her arms the upper part is bare. However, from her fingertips to her elbows are long, elastic black gloves. From Nikki's waist is a cut-off skirt that drapes from either side of her legs and reaches her knees. On her shoulders, elbows, and knees there are respectable spikes that retract from her suit. Usually they're flat along her suit unless she's in danger. All about her suit there are swirls of electrical-like patterns that glow an ominous yellow - due to her Jolteon's surge of electricity pulsing throughout her body. On Nikki's face there are two, glowing yellow arches that are placed promptly below her eyes. Not to mention, along with her suit glowing her platinum hair also shimmers a glow. Her helmet covers her hair and most of her face when put on. A long "V" arches from the center of the helmet and produces an electrical current around the "V" giving her a slight boost in electrical powers - also serving as a lightningrod. The "V" form shapes the glass part of her helmet, covering her eyes from harm. The most that is visible when her helment is on are her cheeks and yellow-arches.

Her weaponry consists of either her Lightning Katana (see below), Electrical Spikes (see below), or her Megawatt Claws. Her Megawatt Claws are built into her suit giving her fingernails an extra boost in unbreakable-strength. At an added length of 2", they can definitely cut deep. Nikki's claws are usually packed with a kick, giving off a short electrical surge when the target is hit. Not really enough to do much damage but after time it can really pack a punch. Not to mention her claws provide her with climbing capabilities - however they are extremely vulnerable to pure water. Water-types - she can grasp onto easily. Now, if they are soaked in water, that's a whole other story. She can shortout her claws and in turn do physical damage to herself.

HISTORY: Nikki was born and raised in the glorious land of Nimbasa City, Unova. Her parents were quite the bigshows and thus Nikki hardly knew anything about them as she grew older. In her early years she was what the other kids called shy, weird, and quiet. She hardly ever came out from her shell and if she did she would mutter strange ideas and scenarios to her imaginary friends. These actions put a lot of stress on Nikki as she grew older. Children would poke fun and toy with her feelings to the point where she was running home crying to her older brother, Damon - the only family that she ever technically knew or saw.

As the years passed by her bullies ceased and Nikki stopped talking to imaginary beings with the help of her brother. On her fourteenth birthday Damon gave her a gift that was definitely special. A baby, male Eevee. Although this Eevee was a baby it sure was spunky. It was nothing at all what Nikki had expected when her brother told her she would be getting a gift. The two immediately formed a bond. With her new friend, Damon hoped she would come out of her shell and be more open. It wasn't until Nikki was sixteen that she took on a drastic change in personality... [ERROR]

POKEMON LINK: Jolteon/Yellow.

ABILITIES: Quick Feet: Nikki is able to boost her speed, agiility, and evasion for a small burst of time. This is easily available to her since the trigger mechanism is on the sole of her boots. However, if water were to make contact with the power-source of her speed malfunctions can occur. Same with too much heat. Malfunctions such as non-stop speed, heart-attacks, dizzyness, explosions, etc. could occur. It's always in Nikki's best interest to stay clear from open water and heat.

Volt Absorb: Volt absorb is quite handy for Nikki because it allows her to pass electrical fields and attacks without taking damage. Instead it replenishes her electrical output. The downside though is that if water is mixed with the electricity she is absorbing it could cause major defects in her suit - such as failing to work, exposing Nikki to the electricity from small breakages in her armor, etc.

Electrical Spikes: A defense mechanism that activates itself when Nikki is in danger or in desperate need of defending herself. Spikes that are located on her shoulders, elbows, and knees will stick up and begin charging with stored electrical energy - thus, Nikki can then use her own body as a deflecting shield. Either that, or she can shoot electrical bolts from them (which in turn drains her electrical energy at a fast pace).

Lightning Katana: Her method of attacking at close range in a dire situation are summoning katanas made purely of electricty. She does so by opening the palm of her hands where there are censors on each finger to allow the output of her summoning technique. Each hand can summon one katana each - although it isn't wise to do so as it takes a lot of electrical current from her body to focus it on her weaponry. The katanas are impermeable to water - however, her body isn't. Her body is even less resistant at this point when she draws her weapons. Luckily, her suit won't malfunction as much if she is exposed to water due to the low current surging through her body.

Lightning - Male - Jolteon

Swifter - Female - Swoobat

Artemis - Male - Flaaffy

Beautiful--this is what I like seeing in a SU. Very detailed! ^^ I got the end of the history and was like, "Wait, what? I want more!" because it was so interesting. xD But I can see what you're doing ^^ I'll be looking forward to learning more about this mysterious history! ^^

Accepted! :D Also, if you're almost done with Damon, you can include him in your first post if necessary (just make sure you finish him eventually).

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Sorry didn't know there was an age limit, I'll try this again.

Name: Joseph Swift
Username: SwiftFury
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: He is fairly friendly. He keeps his distance from most people. He is somewhat paranoid and is a firm believer in government conspiracies. He is of slightly higher than average intelligence, but prefers to seem ignorant. He sees value in strategy. In particular strategies that use hasty and powerful strikes, or strategies that debilate the enemy gradually while he wittles away at his enemy.
Appearance: He could be considered handsome if he wasn't so unkempt. He is unshaven. His hair is ragged. He has dark hair and eyes. He is fairly tall. His build is decent. He is a great long distance runner. His Tron suit is reminescent of Krookodile; it is colored red and its glow is a pale black. It has large brutal claws, a slight snout, and somewhat of a tail.
History: He is actually a trainer from Hoenn. He did begin his journey in Hoenn with a treeko. He didn't stay in Hoenn for a terribly long time though. He left and trained in Unova for a good long while. It was here where he began believing in government conspiracies. He believed that a lot of Plasma's work was covered by the government.
He eventually left Unova with a good bit of experience and went back home to Hoenn. He learned of a new game that people could test out. He found this intriguing and decided to try and be one of those who could try it.
Link: Krookodile
Sand Cloak: A sandstorm rages around the suit, inflicting minor rock type damage to anyone within melee range.
Quake: The ground around Joey vibrates terribly, making approaching far more difficult. It also deals small amounts of ground type damage.
DarkSand Claws: A swift flurry of Ground type infused Shadow Claw attacks. Deals massive ground type and ghost type Damage to target in melee range.
Sludge Bomb Barrage: Joe strikes with many exploding sludge bombs to deal poison damage to enemies at all but melee range. It is quite inaccurate, but does draw attention away from Joe.
It looks good, though I have one question about the history (which is merely a curiosity thing, really), which you might want to add in--why was it exactly that he left Hoenn? And what drew him to Unova? [Acceptance Pending]

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