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Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Sorry didn't know there was an age limit, I'll try this again.

Name: Joseph Swift
Username: SwiftFury
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: He is fairly friendly. He keeps his distance from most people. He is somewhat paranoid and is a firm believer in government conspiracies. He is of slightly higher than average intelligence, but prefers to seem ignorant. He sees value in strategy. In particular strategies that use hasty and powerful strikes, or strategies that debilitate the enemy gradually while he wittles away at his enemy.
Appearance: He could be considered handsome if he wasn't so unkempt. He is unshaven. His hair is ragged. He has dark hair and eyes. He is fairly tall. His build is decent. He is a great long distance runner. His Tron suit is reminescent of Krookodile; it is colored red and its glow is a pale black. It has large brutal claws, a slight snout, and somewhat of a tail.
History: He is actually a trainer from Hoenn. He did begin his journey in Hoenn with a treeko. He didn't stay in Hoenn for a terribly long time though. He felt he wanted to catch more Pokemon, unique Pokemon that could not be aqcuired in his own home region. He left and trained in Unova for a good long while. He caught many new Pokemon as well. It was here where he began believing in government conspiracies. He believed that a lot of Plasma's work was covered by the government.
He eventually left Unova with a good bit of experience and went back home to Hoenn. He learned of a new game that people could test out. He found this intriguing and decided to try and be one of those who could try it.
Link: Krookodile
Sand Cloak: A sandstorm rages around the suit, inflicting minor rock type damage to anyone within melee range.
Quake: The ground around Joey vibrates terribly, making approaching far more difficult. It also deals small amounts of ground type damage.
DarkSand Claws: A swift flurry of Ground type infused Shadow Claw attacks. Deals massive ground type and ghost type Damage to target in melee range.
Sludge Bomb Barrage: Joe strikes with many exploding sludge bombs to deal poison damage to enemies at all but melee range. It is quite inaccurate, but does draw attention away from Joe.
All right, that sounds a little better--welcome to the RP! ^^ (Remember to space out your paragraphs when you post there :) )

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