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Default Winter's Dream Radar Shop (Lots of DW Ability Females Available!)

Why hello there!, and welcome to my shop. My guess would be that you're here because you're looking for Pokemon available through the Dream Radar--and if you have, you've certainly come to the right place! I have tons of these guys that I would like to go to someone who wants them, seeing as one of each is certainly enough for me!

  • Please follow all PE2K rules
  • I would appreciate it if you didn't trade me hacks
  • No, you can't get shinies from the Dream Radar, so please don't ask
  • If it isn't listed as available, I don't have it, but feel free to ask if I can keep an eye out for what you're looking for
  • I'm not trading the legendaries I got off the Dream Radar unless someone is will and able to clone, so please don't ask for them
  • If you want something, please post requesting the pokemon you want, the level, and the nature, and, if applicable, the gender, and list what you're offering
  • Please don't offer trash
  • If you set up a trade time, please be on and ready to trade at that date and time

My Info

IGN: Reine
Game: Black 2
FC: 0991-9557-2795

So, What's Available?

Swablu, Female Lv. 30
Nature: Naughty, Serious, and Adamant

Swablu, Female Lv. 40
Nature: Docile

Drifloon, Female Lv. 10
Nature: Gentle, Rash, and Hardy

Drifloon, Female Lv. 30
Nature: Rash

Riolu, Female Lv. 30
Nature: Naive and Calm

Munna, Female Lv. 10
Nature: Serious

Munna, Female Lv. 30
Nature: Gentle and Adamant

Munna, Female Lv. 40
Nature: Timid

Sigilyph, Female Lv. 10
Nature: Jolly

Sigilyph, Female Lv. 10
Nature: Calm

Igglybuff, Female Lv. 30
Nature: Rash, Hardy, Serious, and Lonely

Igglybuff, Female Lv. 40
Nature: Rash

Shuckle, Female Lv. 30
Nature: Naive, Bold, Adamant, and Timid

Shuckle, Male Lv. 30
Nature: Impish and Serious

Shuckle, Female Lv. 40
Nature: Impish

Staryu, Lv. 30
Nature: Naive, Careful, and Adamant

Staryu, Lv. 40
Nature: Lax and Relaxed

Porygon, Lv. 30
Nature: Impish and Lax

Porygon, Lv. 40
Nature: Modest, Rash, and Impish

Ralts, Female Lv. 40
Nature: Careful

Bronzor, Lv. 30
Nature: Gentle and Lax

Bronzor, Lv. 40
Nature: Bold and Lax

Togepi, Female Lv. 40
Nature: Serious

Smoochum, Female Lv. 40
Nature: Impish and Mild

Spiritomb, Female Lv. 30
Nature: Bold

Spiritomb, Female Lv. 40
Nature: Impish and Relaxed

Rotom, Lv. 30
Nature: Impish and Quirky

Rotom, Lv. 40
Nature: Adamant

I don't have any very specific wants, as I'm trying mostly to give these guys a new home, but I would prefer if you didn't just give me total trash, either.

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