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Originally Posted by Gym Leader Ken View Post
I am disappointed with how friggin' hard it is to get the "Shiny Charm"! :P

and Herdier? Where there version exclusives to what pokemon you recover!? :P

That's one thing I can't decide if I like or not as well.
There were soooo many different things exclusive to one another, which is good and/or bad, I can't fully decide.

I was just upset with the fact that the drives for Genesect got only two per game and they where exclusives as well, reason it irked me was, I love Ghost and Ice type pokemon, so naturally I wanted the Chill drive, which is on W2. T^T lol

but that's just me being picky. lol
if you trade your genesect to black 1, you can get the other two drives that you could otherwise only get in white 2. pretty sure.

the ending of the story was a massive disappointment for me. in advertising the game, the whole entire-half-of-the-unova-region was SO overplayed. I was excited about exploring cities and routes covered in ice, but the only place that ever got frozen was opelucid city with a few patches of ice leading to the giant chasm, and the chasm itself and then the story just ended so quickly after that. huge letdown for me. the white/black kyurem battle was extremely anti-climactic.
azumarill with thick fat pretty much prevents it from doing me any damage and I just knocked it out after a couple Superpowers
it was just a whole lot of set-up for such a lackluster result.

plus the level transition between beating the elite four and postgame was jarring. I beat the elite four with my pokemon in their lower 50's and everything after it expects my pokemon to be around level 65. my lucario's the only pokemon powerful enough to deal with most of the level-60-some pokemon trainers are throwing at me so most of my party remains in the mid-50's while my lucario is in the mid-60's.
so yeah
pokemon world tournament is fun
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