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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Arima and Fall
Beast Soothesayer and Druddigon
The Seventh Rose

Arima noted the off symbol on one of the women, the other more pale. Everyone's demeanour, that being the staff, seemed to change, even when the red head in question was not looking at them. She could sense Fall getting slightly restless, and the beastmaster wondered what kind of energy the symbol was producing, as it was clearly made by something. Arima had a hunch of something powerful, but had no way of knowing for sure.

Drink orders began to flood in, the bar counter filled with people reaching over each other to get their drink before anyone else while it was still within the stock of the barrels. Arima was not part of the rush as she was not an ale drinker. The most she drank was water, which in turn gave her strange looks from others. Arima thought that with everyone focused on a free drink, it would be the best time to try and find out what that symbol, or what energy the woman had been holding in her hand.

"Arima, do watch me please."

The Druddigon under the table groaned quietly, becoming vigilant.

Arima put her finger tips together and closed her eyes, focused on the power of nature. Waiting until her mind was at rest, she put only one question in her mind.

'Our dear mother, may you relinquish to me the entity of the mark held in the woman's hand...?'

Note: Arima is using 'Nature Sense' to try and identify more into the orange mark.

Nature's Sense: Arima can tap into the natural energy around her when meditating. She can ask nature questions, and possibly sense of living beasts or unnatural things are near by. Answers vary, or she may get none at all.
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