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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
Theya re going to let a bulky dragon with a base stat of 700, 170 of which is in attack, good special attack to go mixed with arguably better typing than fire/flying ( through ice/dragon is very weak to priority 4x sr weakness is worse) and you fit think people would fit over ho-oh, ahhaha, ye they probally would indeed take a fit of the idea of ho-oh being in ou at first and kyruem has already got a lot of people in trouble for going out of place, but in all honesty If kyruem-b has been proven not only to be not broken but to be so useless that people in the susspect ladder don't use it as it would net them more losses than wins, the idea of even lugia and girantina in ou is not so farfetched anymore let alone ho-oh.

Funny turn of events isn't it? When base stats of 680+ don't hold the same competive stance that they do in peoples hearts? CRazy stuff I tell you crazy!

pecides why would you even use ho-oh in ou, a 4x Sr weak tank is hardly appealing.

Also lets take a look at ou and how base stats don't mean a thing if you can't use them, the position ho-oh is in, we can all at least agree in ubers. breloom, skarmory and frotress all have a base stat of around 460-465, yet are top tier ou pokemon, while the birds, the dogs, the regi, the elfs, 2 of the muskateer pokemon find themselves in uu or under, why?
Cause of a few thing's, but lets stick to moltress, he is most like ho-oh right? why is my beloved moltress in not uu or ou or even bl/2 but he is in ru? Move pool is pretty decent for use in ou, it works well in sun or rain with access to hurricane solar beam ect. it's got a solid 125 special attack. the issue is SR or moltress might even be ou, sr is hard to keep off the field and moltress isn't even that greta when it's off the field, no way to boost it's attack and speed unlike volcanora, it's stuck where it is. Ho-oh is the same but with base 100 more stats and to boot and of all the stats ho-oh could have wanted 154 in, special defence was not on the list but it is better than it going in to defence.

the problems of ho-oh and moltress are similar due to their type and move pool, both are weak to sr 4x, both are slow even by uu and ou standards, both have 3 very common weakness that are very easy to exploit, both can not boost their stats bar speed an di think ho-oh learns calm mind, but honesty why would you not use latias for that? both have a long list of pokemon that can rape them.

ho-oh is a physical moltress with some stats beefed up, acess to the wonderful sacred fire and regenerator to some what remove sr issue. The problem i have with ho-oh is why would you even wnat to use it? I mean come on, for a physical attacker would garchomp not be a better choice?, sr ressitance, near perfect stab coverage, better speed acess to swords dance, how about dragonite who behind his multiscale is bulkier than ho-oh and can boost his attack and speed to insane levels. Ho-oh to me in ou seems more trouble than it's worth with all the better options around and I think it's exactly in the same possition as the now ou kyruem-black, those big bulky stats don't mena much when you can't back them up.

and yes a base 700 pokemon with stab outrage and 170 base attack is ou, go figure lol XD.
This was hard to read because they are misspelled words and such, but I get the gist of what you are saying to me.

College is going well for me, finished off two of my classes only to sign up for another, yippee...., semester ends soon so I'm really excited about that.

I've been out all day voting and doing community service and just now got back. Family things over internet, so I say take as all as you need!

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