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Default Re: Elemental Fighters

Name (first and last):Jasper Graves
Age (12-18):18
Appearance (be thorough):Short brown hair,Tall,Freckled face,Husky build blue eyes shallow cheeks very gaunt,Wears sleeveless shirts and no shoes to feel more in touch with his element,very grimy
History (optional, but be detailed):Jasper has been an orphan all his life,He found his affinity for ground at age 12 when being bullied by a fire user.He hardened his fists to stone and beat the young boy to immobility.He does not take kindly to being misjudged for his size.He's learned to move very quick as a thief stealing food to survive.He is used to being alone and keeping his thoughts to himself.Friends with Orin due to the fact that Orin was the only one not afraid of him.
Weapon(s):Whatever he can manipulate from the ground or turn his arms into
Personality:Very stoic,likes to listen and then take action a very level minded man.
Other Details: Very quick for his size,has an eidetic memory and is a quick thinker.



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