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Default Re: Route 7

Trainer: Corey Ty



"Calm down, just an Azurill." Quilava sneered.

"JUST AN AZURILL? IT'S SOOO CUTE!" I shout. "Raini, I'll name her Raini! C'mon out Raini!"

"Az! Az!" She smiles. I give her some Pokemon food. She eats it all the crawls into my arms and falls asleep.

"Why isn't she talking?" Quilava asked.

"She's too young apparently. She'll probably be able to talk as a Marill." I smiled.

"Oh. Well, she is kinda cute..." Quilava laughed. He pet her head.

I returned her to her Pokeball, which was closed shut now that it realized I had 6 Pokemon.

I flipped the tent back over, gathered the pots and pans up, and put everything away. I re-lit the fire and tucked Raini in to sleep. I then crawled into my tent with Quilava and Raini and almost immediately drifted off.
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