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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: JC
Currently: Floating out of Navi Town
In party:


JC yawns with the towel wrapped around his shoulder.

He looks around seeing the pink pokemon moving closer. He takes out a couple of pokeballs.
Web jumps out of the ball, followed by Hop and Mud.

JC looks down
"Alright we gotta stop this thing before it puts us all to sleep! Mud get in there with Slam to distract it, while he is slamming into it. Hop leech seed the thing. When it finally drops Web give me a bug bite !"

Wooper runs off towards the pokemon, it waddles back and forth as it approaches. The Munna ignores him. Wooper runs up jumping into the air with a slam attack. The Munna turns quickly using a psywave to knock him back. Hopip drops in behind sending out the Leech Seeds hit but the Munna turns its psywave to Hopip sendig it flying back. Spinerak fires a string shot around Munna which brings the pokemon down to the ground.
JC looks over.
" Now...Mud..Give me Earthquake !" Wooper jumps up
"Woo Perr!"

Hopip lifts Spinerak off the ground while the move takes effect. The leech seed heals the pokemon.

JC throws the level ball

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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