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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
At first, Zetsu seemed a little bit frightened, but then he regained his senses. He decided to ignore the screams, as to concentrate better, and then proceeds to attempt to grab the hand that was seemingly reaching out for him. He had no idea weather that hand was real or not, but if it was, he did not want the thought of a petrified or dead woman on his conscious.

Zetsu could feel the cold breeze brush up against his neck, as he attempted to grab the hand, thinking to himself:

"How long has this screaming been going on? If this is an illusion or some vision of some sort, How the hell did the other trainers passing by get through here? If not, Was there a reason for choosing me as it's potential 'victim' or 'savior'?"

Zetsu did not know what was in store for him, but he did not want to regret anything....
Official's Post

You plunge your arm into the water and attempt to grab onto the young woman's hand. Surprisingly your fingers close over something cold, but definitely real. Immediately you feel your energy draining as if something is sucking the life through your fingertips, but you don't let go. The woman or ghost or spirit or whatever she is, is incredibly light. It doesn't take much effort to pull her out from the water. You fall backwards onto the bank, with the girl beside you. When she lets go of your hand, you feel your energy begin to return.

Remembering the danger, you glance over at the river. You think you see the shadow of Dusknoir turn away and disappear before the surface of the water returns to normal and once again reflects the sky.

You turn to the young woman who has finally stopped crying and is looking at you in wonder. "I... I can't believe it. You heard me... I've been stuck there so long!" she begins to sob. She looks to be in her early twenties. Despite having seemingly just been plucked from the river, her hair and clothes are completely dry. You suppose she would be quite beautiful if she wasn't so deathly pale.

"I'm sure you have many questions," she says shyly. "I will answer them all, but first I must ask, what is your name? And how did you find me?"
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