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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Zetsu looked at the woman, with a completely dumb-founded look on his face, still trying to comprehend the fact that the woman was real, and that she had been pulled out of the water....DRY!

"Yeah, I heard you, infact it's my pokemon that could hear you the clearest, they're the real heroes this time around." He said, staring up at the night sky, breathing a sigh of relief.

Zetsu, after a few minutes of silence, looked down again, staring at his pokeballs, then back at the woman. "My name is Zetsu, and My pokemon guided me to this place....well.... halfway through, anyway, The wild pokemon practically made a path straight through the forest to this place...In any case, YOU are not leaving my sight untill we reach Navi Town: I don't feel right leaving you alone."

Zetsu then grabbed the woman's hand and and pulled her to her feet, eager to get back on the trail to Navi Town, that nice, indescribable feeling lof safety, sweet food, and that one step closer to his dream, all along with a clear conscience, having SAVED someone, instead of ignoring a cry for help.....

"By the way, What the HELL happened to you for you to be caught by Dusknoir?" He asked the woman, grasping her hand, and walking back through the trail, back to the main dirt trail on Route 2.

Name: Zetsu
Party: Minccino, Skorupi, Spinarak
Currently: heading back to the main trail on Route 2.
Official's Post

"Thak-you Zetsu, and your Pokemon," she bows slightly. "I don't know how I can ever repay you." As you reach the edge of the clearing, the woman drops your hand suddenly and takes a step back. "The truth is..." Suddenly she stops, her tone changes. "It... it's here. It followed me," her voice cracks. She grabs hold of your arm and cowers behind you.

Sure enough when you turn around you see a strange pulsing purple ball of energy. From this, a large shadow begins to stretch, until Dusknoir is standing before you.

"Trainer!" it's voice booms across the clearing. "I do not know how you got tangled up in this mess, but it is not yours to unravel. This woman is a spirit and thus belongs in the spirit world. As the caretaker of that world, it is my job to return her to her rightful place. Ghosts have no business amongst the living." The Pokemon begins to glide towards you threateningly. "Don't you feel the energy seep from your body when she touches you? You are risking your own life. Leave the girl and go. She will be well taken care of and I will not pursue you. If you do not comply, I will not be held responsible for your fate, or that of your spirit," it warns menacingly.

"P-please," you hear the young woman whisper to you. "I don't belong in the spirit world. Don't let it take me!" Your arm begins to feel heavy where she grips it. Already she is looking stronger. The Dusknoir is telling the truth, at least about that: it seems as if she is siphoning your strength, though whether on purpose you do not know.

You have heard that Dusknoir are responsible for guiding lost spirits home. Is that what this girl is? But then why is she so resistant? Is Dusknoir hiding something or could she really be that dangerous? The young woman clinging to your arm certainly seems nothing more than scared.

"I won't ask you again, trainer," the Dusknoir rumbles. "What is your decision?"
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