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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Yeah. Everything will be fine." Lexi added to Kiseki’s words with a nod, although Aiden didn’t seem convinced. However, he didn’t say anything as Caroline gave out a yawn and wrapped her arms around Kiseki, bringing the dark haired teen to do the same.

Kiseki felt the shift in Caroline’s emotions, bringing him to begin to stroke her hair with one hand. His thoughts had turned to the baby as well. Only hours ago, they had realized that they had this option, but now that Klaus and Katherine were back…

"Could you guys watch the twins for a few minutes?" Kiseki and Aiden glanced over at Ashley along with Caroline as she spoke. The blonde gave a nod and a smile, and Kiseki felt her anger diminish.

"Yeah sure." Abigail and Scarlet walked over to her as she spoke, and Ashley left to go catch up with Ichiru. Kiseki gave a soft sigh, his cheerful composure breaking for only a moment before a smile returned to his face.

“Even if things are bad now, it all has to end eventually, right? We’ll be free from all of this one day.”

"Ichiru wait."

Back outside, Ichiru had just started to walk down the street when he heard Ashley’s voice, which brought him to slow down and look up to see the brunette run over and stand in front of him.

"I know how angry you are, but everything is going to be okay." She told him as she placed her hand on his cheek and lightly rubbed the skin with her thumb. "Come on. There's a place where I want to take you."

Ichiru allowed the other Vampire to take his hand and lead him away to the bridge on the other side of town. However, instead of going to stand on the bridge, she lead him to the edge of the lake below. He instantly recognized the large rock that she sat on top of, the image alone sparking nostalgia.

"This is where you and I first met." Ashley finally spoke again, looking over to the silent Vampire. "I was still human... while you were a Vampire." She chuckled as a small smile tugged at Ichiru’s lips. Ashley looked back out at the water. "I remember that I came here right before school that morning. I was sitting right here with a bottle of water and some Poptarts, oblivious to the Supernatural world at the time."

Ichiru remembered the scene clearly. On the first day of school after returning to Fells Church, he had decided to stop by the lake to calm himself down before going to the school, and had spotted Ashley sitting on the very rock she sat on now. Something had intrigued him about her right away, and he had even decided to step out of his shell and speak to her despite knowing that she was a human and the dangers it could bring.

"Time has gone by since then and we've been through a lot, but we always managed to survive. Even though Katherine is back, we'll fend her off again like we did before. She isn't going to win." Ashley’s words snapped him out of his thoughts, and the smile that had been trying to come out finally became clear on his face. He opened his mouth to respond, but stopped when a voice identical to Ashley’s came from nearby.

"You are so annoying. I should had killed you instead." Ichiru turned to see none other than Katherine standing a few feet away. Instantly, the rage that had melted away during the past few moments came back with a burning vengeance, and he found it difficult not to attack the other brunette on sight.

"Why are you back?" Ashley growled, watching Katherine pick up a thick branch with a sharpened end.

"For one, it's a free country. For two, I just want you to know you're at my mercy right now." Katherine responded with an evil grin. "Remember this?" She held the sharp end of the branch to her palm and sliced open the skin, where fresh blood began to seep out. Ichiru quickly looked at Ashley with dread, seeing the same wound appearing on her palm as well. Instantly, dozens of memories from when Ashley had been hurt through this same spell flooded his mind - even the one from when he had stabbed Katherine without knowing the spell was up and killed Ashley. The specific memory brought a sharp pain to his chest, but he fought it away, instead fixing his gaze back on Katherine.

"The spell..." Ashley growled.

"Yup, which means that if I die, you die. You and your little friends can't hurt me without hurting you, and if Klaus happens to know I'm in town then he'll kill me, which means that you go down with me." Katherine replied. "I'll make sure you stay dead this time if I die."

"So we can't even tell Klaus that you're here."

"Nope, well unless Abigail's Ghost tells him by mistake. She'll probably tell him I'm here, thinking that Klaus will focus on me instead of you and your little group, and then hunt me down and kill me."

"We had a deal that you wouldn't return to Fells Church." Ashley growled.

"I know, but I got bored. Plus I wanted to see this cutie right over here." Katherine looked over to Ichiru, whose face had begun to change from his rage. However, before either of them could say anything, she disappeared. Ashley healed the wound on her hand and looked at Ichiru, the anger toward Katherine visible on her face.

Ichiru cursed and punched a nearby tree, a loud crack echoing through the air from the impact. He pulled his bloodied hand away from the dented trunk and forced himself to calm back down. Going into a rage over it wouldn’t help anything, as much as it felt like it would.

“At this rate, it would just be easier to kill every Witch and Warlock she’s had contact with…” He sighed as he finally turned back to Ashley, his face back to normal now. It was clear that he didn’t mean his words, though; Ichiru could never kill people who were possibly innocent. However, he would like to get his hands on whoever kept putting the spell on Ashley…
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