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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Zetsu returns Minccino to her pokeball, before she gets sucked into the vortex as aswell, then turns to the woman:

"Guess i have no choice, here hold my hand, hopefully i'll wrap around this tree so i dont get sucked in aswell."

Zetsu then braces himself near a tree, the vortex's strength getting stronger and stronger. Knowing that his energy is being sapped from him by the woman, he can't do much in the way of fighting, his only choice being to depend on the woman..

"Any bright ideas? my pokemon are too weak to take Dusknoir on." he shouts, the noise coming from the vortex sucking everything in like a vaccuum, drowning out the silence of the forest.....

Name: Zetsu
Party: Skorupi, Minccino, Spinarak
Currently: Fighting Dusknoir
Official's Post

As soon as you grab her hand, you feel your energy draining. It's faster this time. You feel your knees weaken first as the strength is siphoned from your body. Soon you can no longer stand. You fall to your knees. The young woman doesn't let go. "Trust me," she says. Her voice sounds stronger now. In fact she is looking much less pale. Her grip on your hand tightens. A tiny wave of panic shoots through you. is this what Dusknoir meant? Could she really drain all your energy and leave you with nothing?

Dusknoir roars in anger when it realises what's going on. It increases the power of its attack, but the young woman now seems unaffected. You, however, are beginning to feel very sleepy. Your arms grow limp by your sides and you struggle to keep your head up. Luckily Dusknoir's vortex seems to have no effect upon the living. Just when you feel you can take no more, the young woman's hand drops from yours. You feel cold and clammy, while she looks healthy and strong. You can no longer move.

You watch as the woman begins to walk towards Dusknoir, one arm outstretched before her. "I no longer fear you!" she cries. "I have strength enough to remain! I will not follow you!" she yells. Her hair whips around her head like a nest of writhing snakes. A strange purple light reflects on her face, giving her an eerie pallor. She looks quite frightening. Her voice is strong and sharp. "Be gone!" she cries. Purple tendrils shoot from her outstretched hand. You realise they are projections of energy - your energy that you have given her. The tendrils shoot towards Dusknoir, surrounding the Pokemon and wrapping it tight. The woman closes her hand and the tendrils begin to condense and tighten, trapping the Pokemon.

"It will not last!" Dusknoir wheezes. "Your energy will fade and I will find you again. There is no escape!" it thunders, before being enveloped in a ball of shadowy purple and disappearing the same way it came.

The young woman sways slightly and collapses. It seems she has exhausted her energy supply. Already she is looking paler and less... real.

The strength slowly returns to your body. You marvel at the way you can produce your own energy, every living cell contributing a miniscule amount, which together is enough to power a whole body. It seems the spirits lack this gift. The young woman remains on the ground, unmoving.
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