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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

OOC: No Cissnei yet, but I figured I'd get this posted anyway... And promise the flux will be mentioned in Hearthome soon, CM, Char and I are just holding off for the right moment--which should come quickly enough. Also note that Reine's post contains hints of events in BW2.

Jovi (and Krane)
Link: Darkrai
APRers: Char

The young woman Jovi had addressed looked up to Krane, who now stood just behind the girl, looking a bit embarrassed, and smiled. “You too, huh? Well, that makes three of us.” Jovi frowned for about a half a second, and was about to say that at least they could look for answers together when the pokemon on the young woman's poked her hat. She looked frustrated before she spoke again. “Whatever,” she said with a wave of her hand. “Anyway, sounds like we’re headed the same direction. Name’s Zayna—and I’ve been told that somewhere around here there’s an airship business. I just haven’t found it yet.”

Zayna? That was an interesting name, and to go with her interesting name, she had interesting information. While she didn't know where the airship business was, she at least knew one was supposed to be nearby. "Well, would you mind if we looked for this business with you, Zayna? I'm Jovi, and my friend is Professor Krane. We're from the Pokemon research facility down the road," Jovi offered after a minor exchange between the woman and the Pokemon on her shoulder--which had, much to Jovi's surprise, blue eyes.

"Interesting," Krane murmured, seeming to note the detail as well.

"Well, whether we travel together or not, do you mind me asking what that Pokemon on your shoulder is?" Jovi found herself asking suddenly. A look of surprise crossed Krane's face, but it was brief--he wanted to know what it was just as much as the girl did.

Reine Noir
Neo Nautilus
Link: Kyurem
ARPer's: None as of right now

Reine opened the door to find not the Zoroark she was expecting stalking around the room, but one of Mother's many illusionary faces. This was the one she had taken a liking to most recently--assuming the form of a tall woman in what looked to be about her twenties, with a severe A-line haircut that caused her ink-black hair to frame her face, the bottom inch or so of it was dyed a bright crimson. Her hair only served to make the rest of her look more pale--and her red eyeliner-rimmed, pale blue eyes almost unsettling to look at with the way they were set among the clear, pale skin of her face. This form seemed to aim for more of a punk look, form fitting black half-jacket with a gray, fur-lined hood rested over a red t-shirt covered with a ton of different band logos in black ink, and she wore close-fitting black jeans with red sneakers to top it all off. While the Zoroark herself had come to Reine with the name 'Mother' already bestowed to her, she liked naming her illusionary human forms--this was the one Mother called Alkaline.

As the actress stepped in, the human-disguised Zoroark gave her a look of confusion, tilting her head. /Why are you back so early?/ A lower-pitched woman's voice asked within her head. Reine smiled--looked like Mother couldn't think of a way to mime that to her in a way that made sense.

"Tom tripped and fell on his face during a scene, so Sydney threw a fit and then told us to take a lunch break. Mind helping me get out of this dress and into normal clothes, since you're here?" she asked, causing Mother to snicker in reply.

/Sydney throws lots of of fits,/ Mother replied as she stepped over to where her trainer stood. /Eyes closed,/ the Zoroark projected to the rest of the Pokemon in the room. As the only female Pokemon on Reine's team, she had always been a bit stern about changing rules. Reine didn't like keeping them in Pokeballs, and she couldn't exactly shove a Gigilith, Samurott, and an Ampharos out into the hall. DJ was already playing the part of door security, the other three would just take up hall space. At the comment about 'eyes closed,' Yajuu gave a rather loud growl. He didn't have eyes to close--there wasn't a single Deino that did, and the request had obviously set him off.

"Easy, Yaj," Reine murmured as Mother began to tackle the laces at the back of her dress that kept it from falling off her.

/Why do these things have to be so darn accurate?/ the Zoroark complained after a few minutes of silent untying.

"Because good costumes are part of what make films great, third only to great plot and great setting," she replied good-naturedly. Mother snorted before giving a gentle pull that resulted in the dress falling in a little puddle at Reine's bare feet.

/Well you aren't filming, go put your normal clothes on, dear one,/ the Zoroark replied, spinning the actress by the shoulder so that she faced a small pile of clothes on the dressing room counter. 'Dear one' was a term of affection the Pokemon used on occasion, and she knew that despite whatever OCD fit she had been throwing before Reine had opened the door, she was nothing but fun now.

It was just as she slid on a gray camisole layer to go under her sweater that Reine heard the hum. Suddenly it was there; louder than any other time she had heard it and it raised the hair on the back of her neck before, with a rather theatrical pop, all the lights in the dressing room went out.

Reine did not make a sound. She wasn't all that surprised, but even if she had been, she was too preoccupied with the fact that the dressing room was now freezing cold. In the darkness, she couldn't see where her sweater was, and when she reached for the counter, it wasn't there. "What in the world--?" she asked as she fumbled blindly, trying to find the dressing room counter that no longer seemed to be present. Somehow in the blackness, she could see her breath puff out little clouds of condensation. "Mother? Where are you?" she called softly, voice trembling. What was going on? "Yaj? Ampy? Boulder? ...Neige?" None of her Pokemon answered her call.

"Mother...? …Who is…Mother? …Who are you? ...Who am I?" The disembodied voice that suddenly filled the air was startling enough, however the voice itself was even more shocking. It brought to mind shattering glass, sheets of ice snapping underfoot, of ice splintering into a million tiny, glimmering pieces... "Have we met...before?"

In the back of the girl's mind, something clicked. She was no longer surrounded by blackness, but just dimness. Spikes of ice rose from the floor, and rock walls surrounded her, as well as mist that felt too thick to be real. It was cold, colder than Reine had ever been in her life, but something needed to be done, her mind insisted. Someone needed to be stopped. Except, who needed to be stopped? She couldn't see anyone among the mist. As suddenly as the hum had come earlier, a bright light exploded in the dimness, a scream ripped through the air, and--

"Reine! Reine!" A woman's shout broke through the nightmare, and the actress bolted upright. Her body still felt ice cold, and she was trembling. /It was just a bad nightmare, dear one. You passed out just after the lights cut off, hit your head on the counter and really worried us,/ Mother's voice reached warm and comforting through the haze of fear and confusion. The Zoroark, still wearing her illusionary skin, reached out towards her trainer gently. Reine let herself fall back into Mother's grasp and closed her eyes, but snapped them open again when the image of the cavern she'd just been in flashed before them.

"It didn't feel like a dream or a nightmare, Mother," the girl said softly. "What I felt real," she murmured.

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