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[QUOTE=Judge Dredd;3434658]
Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Floating out of Navi Town
In party:


JC watches the ball transfer back to the PC.
" I guess Ill need to pick her up for the Pokemon Center.."

Mud, Web and Hop are called back. Chimchar crawled up his shirt.
"Char ?"

JC smiled at a Ashley looking at PJ
"Here you go. Ill be fine ."

JC hands over the towel.
Official's Post for JC and PJ:

Two Pokemon appeared! You'll have to decide who gets who!

Wild Munna and Wild Nincada Appeared!

Official Post for Zetsu:

You come across the very thing you were looking for! It's not even funny how lucky this is. I CAN'T EVEN FIND A BUDEW. ;n;

Wild Ralts appeared!
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