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Default Re: Your B2/W2 Team!

This is a non legendary based team!

My Team:

Chandelure: Modest Nature Lvl 87 CurrentlyFully EV Trained
[Flash Fire]
Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse

Shiny Gible Adamant Nature Lvl 1 FULL EV Trained
[Sand Veil]
Attacks TBD

Lucario Modest Nature Lvl 78Fully EV Trained
[Inner Focus]
Dark Pulse
Aura Sphere
Dragon Pulse

Haxorus Adamant Nature lvl 80 Fully EV Trained
Shadow Claw

Rest to be posted soon. I have to get elektross from pokemon black transferred over and I need to breed ditto and emboar to start EV training!


Haxorus is now Lvl 92
Chandelure is now lvl 93
Lucario is now lvl 86
Shiny Gible is now Shiny Garchomp at lvl 80

Working on getting the last two!
PB2 Team:

My Friend Code: 4513-8351-1241
Ingame Name: Zack G

Anybody Feel Free to Add me for Battle, Trading, Evolving Specials, Etc.

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