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Originally Posted by Ilovstuddy View Post
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Pokemon Maniac again!?

Seriously, what is with these swarms of Pokemon Maniacs that will soon engulf the entire Celestia. I hope he won't be a crybaby like the one before in Route 3. What was his name again? Argh, I better deal with this one first.
"So, what's your deal?" I ask the stranger as he pants heavily through his surgical mask.
"Heheh... I just want to observe what Pokemon you have so far in this journey." the man grins through his mask.
Hm, its better to let him see my Pokemon rather than having a fuss over it like before.
"Sure. Which one of Pokemon do you want to see?"
"Hohoh... I just want to see the most precious Pokemon you got." He holds out his hand.
The weird gesture almost made me change my mind. So who is my most treasured Pokemon? I guess its Treecko, since he's the longest to ever walk beside me.
"Treecko!" I call out to my Treecko who seems to have been waiting for me somewhere ahead since he hasn't been coming back after that outburst of energy.
"Treec!" Treecko replies as runs back to my side from wherever he's been in the darkness ahead.
"Here he is. If you do anything funny, I swear that my Pichu will electrocute you until the dawn of the day." I observe his every movement carefully, as the Pokemon Maniac look at my Treecko.
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You hold your Treecko close as you notice it acting under the weather.
As if it weren't enough, it suddenly perks up and begins to panic. You begin experiencing a similar feeling of sense that you will be unable to leave this route.

You look around frantically, calling out for help, hoping that somebody out here will actually lend you a hand.

The only answer you get is a crash nearby.

A few feet away, you notice a glowing object lodged into the ground. As you approach, you see what looks like a bizarre obsidian rock. Could this help Treecko...?
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