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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
im glad to hear that blazer.

Although its still a little ways away next up our

GCEA Red/Blue End Game (Mewtwo)

Mini Quest
GCEA Rough Housers (Zapdos)
GCEA Deep Freeze (Articuno)
GCEA Blaine's Game (Moltres)

After that

GCEA Gold/Silver End Game (Celebi)

Mini Quests
GCEA Orre (Ho-Oh, Entei )
GCEA Orange (Suicune)
GCEA Tin Tower (Luga, Raiku)
I thought Orre was supposed to be the third GCEA, from what you PMed about this previously...

But more importantly, what's up, exactly, with the Mini Quests for Gold/Silver? It seems kind of uneven. Ho-oh and Entei (two Legends) are in Orre (a whole region), Suicune (one Legend) is in the Orange Islands (a whole region), and Lugia and Raikou (two Legends) are at the Tin Tower (a small area). Are those just Working titles and formats, or are those really the locations and Legends we'll find there?
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