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Default Re: Shooting Clouds (Dream Radar )

Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
1. Riolu. No doubt.
2. There is not a limited number of wild Pokemon.
3. You may only get the legends after you have caught Landorus. To catch Landorus, you have to have already caught Tornadus and Thundurus. After you have caught Landorus, you can insert DPPt/HGSS into the game card slot for a chance to find the legends.

HeartGold - Ho-Oh
SoulSilver - Lugia
Diamond - Dialga
Pearl - Palkia
Platinum - Giratina
Just thought I'd add on to the last part. You have to insert a DPPt/HGSS cartridge that has Hall of Fame Data in order to find the Legendaries mentioned above.

Oh, and it's also awesome to find some item like a Revive when shooting at clouds. Especially a Max Revive.

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