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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Read this:


Well, Dredd posted a new post in this thread that read:

Dredd Wrote: Ho-Oh steps back, the heat lowering in the room. Master Li and Ariados help Yellow up. She looks around for a second at Alyssa and Markus then back Ho-Oh.
"Its not their fault...Sky Spirit ! They dont even know.." Yellow slowly moves her hand forward through the Ho-Oh feathers.
"Please dont harm them..they are not like the other one..." Ho-Oh puts it head back up looking over the two. It lets out a low growl at them. Then puts its head down nuzzling it against Yellow.
Ho-Oh again starts to glow this time however it doesnt burn anything. The bright flash creates enough distraction for Silver Team to escape.

Seth grabs the beam nodding at the others as Silver Team makes it escape.
"Ho-Oh is a part of team Tyrant ! we gotta get out of her.."[QUOTE]

So now we are escaping and such. Dredd is taking some time off so the threads won't be too active, if at all.

Also I need to know the egg hatch point count and if my evolution request was approved.

The points for the egg should be in the egg claim thread itself, go look there. As for the evolution request, I don't have the authority to approve it so you'll have to wait until Dredd gets back. Also, try to ask these questions in the club thread, kay?

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