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Name: Zetsu
Currently: Talking.

"I'm not sure. I am hoping i get thrown back into Route 3 with this is all over....I want both evolutions, Gallade and Gardevoir.
THIS guy will evolve into Gallade eventually though." He exclaimed, grinning at the cute trainer.

As the two kept talking, the fog kept getting thicker and thicker...

"In any case, we should stick close.... for safety" he said calmly, although getting weary of what may happen, in this new, unfamiliar land...

meanwhile, yet another trainer approaches, explaining there are no pokemon here.

"Well that's just irritating....and here i was hoping to find a nice dark type or ghost type, too..."

Zetsu turns to the new trainer...

"My name is Zetsu, yours"
Only the strong, survive.....

WFL Dream Team.

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