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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Walking

"Wow, you have a Luxio?" Sarah asked Minako. Everyone seemed really strong. Sarah began to feel a little bad that none of her own Pokemon had evolved yet, but truthfully, she loved them just the way they were.

"I think that orange guy has the right idea. Maybe we should ask The Emissary some of our questions..." Sarah said. She plucked up her courage. "Emissary!" she called out. "Why are there no wild Pokemon here?"
Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post

Trainer: Neku Sakuraba
Party: Luxio
Location: ...

I hide while I look at the group. Should I Imprint? No, that won't work. I don't know all about THIS UG. Only about Shibuya's... Maybe...Maybe, I could somehow Imprint on The Emissary? Let's try it. I use my phone that I still have with me to send an Imprint to The Emissary's mind saying "Tell me all about The Miasma."
Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Walking

Sarah looked up as the voice echoed all around. She saw silhouettes of other trainers doing the same.

"The... past?" Zetsu was wrong... this wasn't future Celestia after all. Sarah felt a little bit of relief. If this was the past, then their world was in the future... a future which survived... Did that mean they could succeed?

"Emissary! How can we help?" she called out.
Emissary's Post

wh▲t we c▲n tell you ▲bout the mi▲sm▲ is limited ▲s time is of the essence
we c▲n not protect you forever

however we will give you ▲ brief overview of this pl▲ce

long ▲go this region w▲s prosperous
one d▲y it ▲ll ch▲nged
▲n evil essence creeped over the l▲nd which seemed to come from nowhere ▲nd yet everywhere
from the e▲rth
from the sky
from the oce▲ns

people dis▲ppe▲red
pokemon turned to sh▲dow

l▲ter we c▲me to re▲lize th▲t it w▲s the doing of not one m▲stermind but of ▲n entire le▲gue of power-hungry entities
we c▲nnot disclose the identity of the perpetr▲tor
bec▲use even we do not know
they h▲ve not only covered their tr▲cks but er▲sed them entirely ▲nd repl▲cing them with d▲rkness

the d▲rkness you encountered th▲t brought you to this l▲nd is not unlike the pl▲gue th▲t infected the world before

the world would h▲ve been left ▲n empty husk were it not for ▲ truly cour▲geous group of heroes
they drove b▲ck the sh▲dow
they ▲nd their f▲ithful p▲rtners fought b▲ck with kindness
their love gener▲ted enough of ▲ force to fuel wh▲t is known ▲s Inhibitors
the Inhibitors turned d▲rkness to light
h▲ze to cl▲rity
fe▲r ▲nd h▲te to hope

the ▲re▲ you ▲re ▲t right now is ▲ p▲rt of the world th▲t h▲s not been s▲ved in this time
it should h▲ve been s▲ved
but it is not

our enemy seems to h▲ve begun er▲sing those br▲ve heroes' ende▲vors from history
this is ▲s curious ▲s it is upsetting

you ▲sk how you m▲y help
we humbly ▲sk th▲t you repe▲t ▲ fe▲t of the p▲st

you ▲sk us where the wild pokemon th▲t you ▲re used to seeing ▲re
for ▲ long time this we h▲ve kept this b▲rren l▲nd hidden from ▲ny outside forces in ▲nticip▲tion of your ▲rriv▲l
your ▲rriv▲l will not go unnoticed
▲ high concentr▲tion of life in ▲ world of dec▲y will ▲ttr▲ct m▲levolent spirits
you ▲sk us where the wild pokemon ▲re

they ▲re coming