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Default Re: The Miasma

Trainer: Minako
Currently: Wondering.

"You know, Sarah, that's a good idea. If we find them, Emissary, will something happen?" Minako said. She, too, was beginning to wonder if they would make it back to Celestia. She stayed in Zenith so she could try and defeat Parson, the town's Gym Leader. Even if her Noctowl could use Fly, Minako thought it would be useless anyways. "Marley, come on out!" Minako threw her Arcanine's Poke Ball.

"Arc!" Marley barked.

"Marley, you're a guard dog. While we look around for clues, you keep watch and warn us of any impending danger."

"Arc!" Marley responded, obeying her trainer's commands.

"Not only is Marley, my adorable little Arcanine, a good guard dog, all of her senses are hightened. She can sense things from miles away." Minako smiled down at Marley, who was currently walking in circles around Minako, guarding her.
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