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looks like the other people around here put their thinking caps on and started to get some more out of this Emissary. that's cool, you were wondering if you'd have to do all the heavy lifting around here.
you notice some people looking at you from a distance and even a guy trying to talk to you before walking off.
what. rude.

you rack your brain for anything that seems unclear about this. you're safe right now, that's what matters. your job is to fix this Inhibitor deal, and The Emissary will tell you what to do whenever the time comes.
when's the time going to come? when more people wake up? when it feels as though it's answered enough questions?
you see some of the shadows of people nearby wandering around anxiously, as if in some kind of attempt to find something. you wonder what their deal is. The Emissary already said there's nothing here, except for an Inhibitor which is supposed to stay hidden until whatever's supposed to be ready is ready lest everyone gets their butts kicked by angry shadow Pokemon.
even so, you guess you can understand. dude expects everyone to sit around idly while they wait on their mark. but even if you do keep walking and exploring, where will you end up? The Emissary also said something about this area being hidden. if you walk out, are you going to expose yourself to the outside world and, by extension, danger? or will you hit an invisible wall or something lame like that?

looks like some of the other trainers are talking about their Pokemon. that's always so neat how people can just do that, even in a place like this.
maybe this waiting game isn't so bad. if everyone's all up and friendly before this whole shebang starts, you'd think that with all these TEAMWORK FEELINGS then the mission'd go off without a hitch.
that's a happy thought.

regardless, you walk off, away from the group's voices. you need time to think on this. the enemy is something that's erasing history, apparently. The Emissary is an entity that is hiding off an area somehow. you were all transported through four dimensions, space AND time. there is so much more at play here outside of this one mission. no human could be capable of performing these feats that defy nature...hmm. you trudge on through the haze, your brain going a mile a minute.

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