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Alright, what I'm about to say is STRICTLY personal opinion: Unless two conditions are met, then I'd say the spreads of Legends you've got for the stories are imbalanced.

A): Entei becomes an exclusive to Gold, and Raikou becomes an exclusive to Silver. Or vice-versa, as I'd really, REALLY hate it if my Legendary Options for being in Gold are both Fire-Types. Not that I don't like Ho-oh and Entei.

B): The Suicune story is accessible by both teams and is accessible-and will conclude-before the Ho-oh and Lugia Stories, which are exclusive to Gold and Silver, respectively.

Alternatively, you could put all the Legendary beasts (Raikou, Suicune, Entei) in one story (but make sure you can only capture one), and have Ho-oh and Lugia in separate stories all on their own.

I'd also have two other conditions that really just spread to all the stories in particular.

A): ONE LEGEND FROM SIDEQUEST STORIES ONLY. You may participate in other sidequest stories, if only for points, but you can only catch one Legend in a Sidequest story per region. Treating your characters as separate for this purpose is invalid, any one player can only catch any one Legend in a sidequest story per region. It extends to if there are more than one Legendary Pokemon in the Sidequest story, meaning, for instance, that capturing Entei will bar whoever did it from Ho-oh. You cannot capture both Lugia and Ho-oh, or Raikou and Suicune, or Lugia and Entei, or ANY pair of Legends from Sidequest Stories, even if they're from the same story. It's just unfair if you can use all the Legends you can possibly grab. It would just be doubly mean as well to see someone with a lot of points and can stay consistently on the sight, in their story, can capture both Legends in said story while others (point requirements made or otherwise) just wind up unlucky, for instance. Only one Legend from a sidequest story PER PLAYER, period, should be a strict rule. Catching Legendaries is like attempting to murder someone in these games (nearly impossible), or stopping Dredd solo without powers or stones (nearly impossible), and henceforth, capturing more than one should be absolutely impossible. You can catch any Legend available in the main plot unrestricted, though, as are any unlockables, just to be kind-of-nice.

B): LEGENDS DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS POKEDEX COMPLETION. Especially considering the above rule, if you can only capture one Legend, then what's the point? Even if you ignore the above rule (personally at your peril), there's still only one sidequest story to complete per player (I do not viably see you allowing otherwise, and personally it's at your peril to allow sidequest stories per character). Henceforth, I would ask that Legends, even Main-plot legends, are completely ignored in the Dex. The Professor of a region wouldn't have such impossibly high standards of a new Trainer, even one with extreme potential, to honestly task someone to capture a Legend.
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