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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Well im going to be leaving soon. You can plan for it to be ten day thing. Before I go, Id like to address some of this before I do.

For the time being Red and Blue will be paused. Gold and Silver will keep going. Please while Im gone look for EMoon and Cm to run the stories. Please show them the same respect you show me when posting. During this time you will be battling Falkner and heading to the ruins.

As far as Latios post, I will be working a better system to deal with legendary pokemon. Maybe the best way to do it, is let people go after all the legendary pokemon. If someone is willing to stick it out through the sidequest they deserve it. That being said legendary pokemon will not be usable, but could server as a way to save the team in a bad situation.

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