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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(Gastly will appear after the gym battle :) when its night out in the story ! )

(Payed 25 for a gry Apricorn which wll become a moon ball)
Yellow looked at Markus then back at Master Li.
"Master Li,how do I explain it.."

Master Li looked at Markus and Yellow.
" Lord Ho-Oh reasons can not be truly understood by us, young man. Perhaps the Ruins would give you a better idea of whats happening."

Master Li bows his head nodding at the children. Li looks at them.
"The Gry Apricorn is a very rare item, you are welcome to come back for one at any time you like, if we have them available you can by them in the lobby."

(I posted this so we can move forward ! but you can pick one up before we leave the town. Also I made a mistake, the Sages will offer the Gry Apricorn, you will need to visit Mr. Pokemon to have it created.)

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