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Default Re: GLADIATOR [rp]

(OOC: I decided to write in the first person. Also Seises: I am calling Kyle Kylie because Jacob heard Freddie say that, and thinks that's her name.)

I eventually couldn't wait to find out what I was up against with that girl. She was the only one who hasn't revealed her pokemon to the rest of the group. Kylie, I think I heard Freddie say her name was. I didn't need to know what pokemon it was exactly, just the type, and if I could get that out of her. Even if I can't, having a telepathic pokemon has its advantages. But I would rather not invade her privacy unless I really had to.
"Screw it," I thought, "I will go talk to her."
I looked around the room and found Kylie sitting on one of the nearby benches staring at a luxury ball.
"Luxury balls are more expensive than pokeballs, and great balls, just a bit cheaper than an ultra ball, which has a much better catch rate." I thought, " unless she is using the luxury balls effect. She might need it to be happy so it will evolve. "
I started to think of all the pokemon I knew of that need happiness to evolve.
Umbreon, Espeon, Crobat, Blissey, Togetic, Lucario, Chimeco and Snorlax were the first to come to mind, but I knew that there was more. Unless it was a pokemon with Draco Meteor. I hope it's not a dragon.

Kylie was still staring at the luxury ball. I walked over to her. She had her back turned, so she didn't see me come over.
"Hey, I'm Jacob." I said holding out my hand to shake.

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