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Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post

Trainer: Neku Sakuraba
Party: Luxio
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"...That's not important," Neku replies. "We need to get back to the present Celestia. The Emissary said something about Pokemon coming here would turn their souls shadow."

"Like Shadow Pokemon," Luxio chirps in.

"Sure, something like that." Two Poke Balls fall down. Neku picks them up, tosses them into the air, and out comes a Zigzagoon and a Joltik.

"私たちはどこにいた?" Bachuru asks.

"Arf..." Derpina whines.

"A place called The Miasma, Bachuru. I have no clue what's going on right now, with The Emissary and such."

Not important? His words ground at my patience. Still, he was right about one thing--we needed to find a way back to Celestia. If that meant doing what the Emissary told us, I guess I would have to put up with this kid. For now.

"Fine," I scowled. "Whatever. Since you obviously know my name, would you have the decency to tell me who the heck you are?"

I watched his Poke Balls fall from nowhere. "And what's with this? Why don't you have all your Pokemon?"

I had mine--I think. My hand strayed to my belt to make sure, and to my relief I found them all there. Freya, Critter, and the bug. Hmm, guess I needed to name it. Her, actually. Jayde will be fine, for now.

Glancing around, I mentally prepared myself for whatever other weirdness would get thrown at me. Despite the peculiarity of my new "partner", I had to admit that I felt a little more confident about facing the darkness. I wasn't sure if I could trust him completely, but I hoped that he would at least watch my back.