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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Zayna White
Hearthome City
ARPers: Winter

“Sure,” I nodded after the girl (Jovi) asked if she and her friend (Professor Krane) could tag along. “The more the merrier.” A research facility, eh? I thought to myself after I motioned for the three—four—of us to start walking. I hadn’t been aware of one near Hearthome, but then again I wasn’t too familiar with the area. As I wondered what kind of research they did, Jovi took me by surprise with an abrupt question.

"Well, whether we travel together or not, do you mind me asking what that Pokémon on your shoulder is?"

Makar blushed bashfully and ducked behind my head again. I sighed and started walking, replying at the same time, “He is a little fur-ball of trouble.”

<Am not!> the imp returned. Turning to the blue-haired girl, he grinned. <Makar’s my name! That’s what Zayna decided to call me! Isn’t it a nice name?>

I chuckled softly and shook my head. As we traveled down the street, I explained, “He’s a Victini—a, er, unique Pokémon from the Unova region.” Looking up at the fire-type as he drifted along side of us, I added, “There’s a myth that says Victini bring victory to their Trainers—but as of yet, I think he’s brought more mischief then any of that.”

Makar giggled.

We traveled a ways down the road, eventually coming to the outskirts of Hearthome. It looked like there were more warehouses out here than shops or apartments. I came to an abrupt halt, getting the impression that I had come the wrong way. However, just before I was about to tell my new companions to turn back around, a sign caught my eye.


“That looks promising,” I shrugged. Waving to the others, I strode past the sign right up to the door to the storefront. It creaked in protest as I forced it open, peering in curiously.

“Hello?” I called out.

I was answered with a low hum…

Right before the lights went out.

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