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Default Re: Pokemon-ize THIS!

Looney Toons

Lola Bunny: Lopunny
Bugs Bunny... Uhmmmm... yeah ^
Honey Bunny: Lopunny (Bugs's little known cousin)
Daffy Duck: Ducklett
Elmer Fudd: Nuzleaf /wit a Shotgun
Marvin Martian: Clefairy
Barnyard Dawg: Arcanine
Melissa Duck: Ducklett (a forgotten character)
Foghorn Leghorn: Swablu
Foxy: Rattatta (Mickey mouse look-a-like)(also forgotten)
Michigan J. Frog: Politoad
Speedy Gonzales: Rattatta
Goofy Gophers: Pachirisu (Mac and Tosh)
Gossamer: Licky Licky
Granny: Conkelldur
Henery Hawk: Spearow
Hippety Hopper: Ratticate
Hubie and Bertie: Rattatta
Penelope Pussycat: Liepard
Pepe Le Pew: Skunktank
Petunia Pig: Grumpig
Porky Pig: Emboar
Ralph Wolf: Mighteyenna
Sam Sheepdog: Houndoom
Sniffles: Rattatta
Sylvester: Meowth
Tasmanian Devil: Landorous
Tweety: Chatot
Wile E. Coyote: Poochyenna
Road Runner: Altaria
Yosemite Sam: Scraggy

I omitted some here and there because they were ethically incorrect... or I couldn't decide what they were...
So here is most of them
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