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Default Master Quest Thread

Acts of Random Kindness

Well, from what we can tell from The Emissary's last post in The Miasma thread, it looks like those participating (everyone..........) are supposed to charge The Inhibitor with love.

so uh
I'm only gonna say this one time
get smoochin', everybody

Ok, no, that is probably not the point.

If this thing is supposed to be powered up by kindness, then that's what we need to do, and that is what this thread is for. Everybody participating may submit an act of kindness that they do from here on out, and hopefully The Emissary will take notice and somehow let us track our progress.

Things that count as acts of kindness:
  • Making a sprite or a drawing of another person's character/Pokémon
  • Welcoming a new member to the forum
  • Helping somebody out on the forum
  • Playing on

I mean these things are just examples, pretty much anything that is an act of random kindness and can be proven should count.

Will there be rewards ?!
We will...........SEE



Latest development: Shadow Pokemon have closed in on everybody in The Miasma and your only choice is to battle for your lives.


I think this should be pretty self-explanatory. The only way to progress through this part is to battle.
You can do this a couple of ways.
  • Having WFL battles with other Trainers
  • Making a post in The Miasma about fighting against the Shadow Pokemon

Depending on the quality of your posts in The Miasma, it may be even more efficient to post there.

Keep a couple of things in mind:
  • 5 battles per person per 24 hours! This never stopped being a rule or anything
  • As long as you and the person you're battling have BOTH made at least one post in The Miasma thread, this counts as a battle being in the same place! Meaning you get +1 star for a win and for a loss (4 stars for each win, 3 for each loss).
  • Please post your battles in this thread AND and your Trainer Log so that they will count. If the battles are not recorded in both this thread and your personal stats, they will not count.

I'm guessing The Emissary will keep us updated on our progress in the second post again.

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