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Default Re: Favorite Evolution Method?


I don't like trade, held-item level up either. DX

I didn't used to have 2 DSs, and I couldn't get my brother to let me use his and it was just a mess. Held item level up is kinda boring. X3

My favorite is Evolutionary Stones, Level Up, Level up at certain locations, and friendship.

1) Typhlosion is level up
2) Ampharos is level up
3) Jolteon is evolutionary Stone
4) Leafeon is level up at certain location
5) Togekiss is Friendship and Evolutionary Stone
6) Dragonite is level up

Which leads to...

1st Favorite: Level Up
2nd Favorite: Evolutionary Stones
3rd Favorite: Level up at certain location
4th Favorite: Friendship

*points to signature where first six favorite Pokemon are in order from left to right*
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