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Name: Zetsu
Currently: Walking through a Marsh.

As Zetsu waits for Minako to arrive, He notices something funny going on with Kirlia's pokeball. Zetsu goes to touch it, and Kirlia pops out, glowing with a bright light.

"Kiiiirrlliiaaaa!" He cheerfully chimes, as he begins to change shape...

"Kirlia... is evolving?!" Zetsu exclaimed, smiling ever so endearingly, as Kirlia's shape changes that into a fighter...

"Laaaaaade - Gallaaaaaade~" The pokemon shouted, then staring back at Zetsu...

"My Kirlia....evolved into Gallade!" Zetsu said excitedly, before patting him on the head and hugging him...

"Time to dish out some payback..." Zetsu smirked, now having 2/6th of his Final team composed...
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