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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Ow ow ow!" Kiseki and Aiden quickly looked at Abigail as she screamed in pain while Scarlet’s eyes began to tear up, the latter rushing over to the toddlers along with the rest of the group while Kiseki knelt down.

"What happened?" Damon asked.

"Our hands are cut." Scarlet responded, both toddlers holding out the same injured hand to show the group.

"It just appeared there by itself." Abigail added, and instantly Kiseki’s expression changed.

"You don't think..." The dark haired teen’s expression of panic mirrored Caroline’s as she spoke, looking at the rest of them.

"What is it?" Kol asked the question that was on the tip of Aiden’s tongue.

"Twenty years ago Katherine put up a linking spell which linked her to Ashley, so whatever injuries Katherine got, Ashley would get them too." Caroline explained as she knelt down in front of Abigail and Scarlet to examine the cuts. "They're exactly identical, which means..."

"Katherine is now targeting the children." Diana finished, and Kiseki’s emerald eyes flashed angrily.

"I just sent Ashley and Ichiru a message to get home quickly." Kotomi stated.

"Don't heal the wounds yet." Isobel added.

"So that Ashley and Ichiru can see for proof." Lexi finished Isobel's thoughts. Kiseki rose to his feet, unable to stay still as rage coursed through his veins. Aiden watched him pace in the living room, greatly resembling Ichiru in his anger. However, he also appeared to be in thought over something.

"Like I said before; we'll survive this." Back at the lake, Ashley took Ichiru's bloodied hand and healed it. The dark haired teen gave a sigh, forcing himself to calm back down as he gave a nod in response.

Ashley, Ichiru, come home right now. Something has happened. Kotomi's voice suddenly entered Ichiru’s head, and he froze, looking at Ashley to see the panicked expression on her face.

"We need to get home." He nodded again in response to the brunette, following right behind her with his own speed as she left the lake like a bullet.

Upon reaching the house, he saw everyone surrounding the toddlers, who he could see even from his distance had tears in their eyes.

"We have a problem." At Stefan’s words, Ichiru could almost guess what had happened if not simply from his feeling of dread. He followed Ashley over to the children, instantly seeing the cuts on each hand.

"It happened to you too, right?" Caroline asked, to which Ashley nodded. Ichiru’s eyes turned blood red as she reached over and healed her children’s hands. His fists clenched tightly as his sides, the knuckles beginning to turn white after a few moments as Kiseki stopped pacing and joined the group again.

"I want to kill her." Ashley growled as she began to pace much like the younger twin had just been doing. "It's one thing to target me, but the children?"

Ichiru looked as though he were about to kill someone when a burn suddenly appeared on Ashley’s right knee. Only seconds later, Abigail and Scarlet both began screaming in pain, the same burn appearing on their knees as well.

The red disappeared from Ichiru’s eyes due to his sudden switch in emotions, and he knelt down in the floor with Ashley and the toddlers just as a cut appeared on all three of their cheeks on the left side.

"What are we going to do?" Diana asked in a panic. The rest of them appeared to be in a panic as well, everyone trying to think of an answer to the question that was bouncing around in all of their minds. Ichiru healed Ashley’s wounds after she had healed Abigail’s and Scarlet’s.

"We need Klaus here!" Ashley said as the toddler’s began to cry.
"He probably won't come though." Damon answered.

"He will." Diana reassured the group. "He might not easily show it, but he actually cares about Abigail and Scarlet."

"I'm getting him." With that, Stefan quickly left the house as Ashley wrapped her arms around her children. Another cut appeared on both hers and the toddlers’ faces - this time on the right side - and Ichiru healed all three of them silently. Kiseki knelt down beside Ichiru, his own anger replaced by concern for all of them - for Ashley’s and the toddler’s wellbeing with Katherine’s spell, and for Ichiru’s rage and possibly his sanity. He knew that if Katherine kept this up for too long, Ichiru was very likely to snap and completely give in to his rage.
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