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Default Online gaming archive

Does anyone here online game? if so leave what games and user id's and i will archive them here.I'd love to play some stuff with fellow forum members

My Steam ID:ArceusTheCreator
Steam games I play:Counter strike Global offensive.Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2

I also play league of legends but im not very good hahaha if you wanna play with me on league my name is: Dajimmyrustla

Archived Gamers and ID's
LOL Summoner Name:Dajimmyrustla

The pokemaster
Steam: fabledsheep
League of Legends: Fabled Sheep - NA Server
Guild Wars 2: fabledsheep.4729 - Tarnished Coast Server
Runescape: Farmer Rawra

LOL Summoner name:5TailedDemonLizard



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