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Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
Battling helps you EARN currency (Stars) to buy items/evolutions. They also evolve Pokemon. Each Pokemon needs a certain amount of battles to evolve. It requires 20 if it's evolving for the first time and 30 if they are evolving for the last time. For example:

Say I have a Spheal. Since it evolves twice, it would need to battle 20 times to evolve. It would also cost 5 Stars along with it.

Congratulations, Spheal evolved into Sealeo!

Now that Spheal became Sealeo, it would require 30 battles and 10 Stars to evolve. The past 20 battles do not count toward this goal. Once again, once you've met the requirements...

Congratulations, Sealeo evolved into Walrein!

Does that clear it up for you? You also need to post in the Evolution Thread and wait for an Official to approve it. Hope this helped! ^^
Single form evolutions and Stone evolutions also fall into the 30 battle - 10 star category.
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