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Default Corey's LeafGreen Nuzlocke!

Alright, this will be my first complete attempt at a Nuzlocke. I tried it once on Ruby and didn't obey any rules, so yea...^^;

~NOTICE: Language can be obscene. I will bleep most words used.


1) Must catch first Pokemon in every Route
2) If a Pokemon faints, it is dead
3) No Duplicate Captures
4) If a shiny Pokemon is found, I will attempt to catch it
5) The first Rival Battle doesn't count as a death


I wake up, 10:00AM, bright, cloudless day. Ah, and that's right! It's my birthday~. I slowly dress myself and begin walking down the stairs. I slip and fall down 6 of the stairs. What a wonderful way to start my day. "OW F**K JEEZ OH OUCH! S**T! DAMMIT! GOD ALMIGHTY." I scream.

"HONEY! Watch your mouth!" My mother squealed.

"Sorry mother, BUT MY LEGS ARE BROKEN." I say, dusting off my legs. I put some waffles in the toaster and turn on the TV. The waffles pop a while later and I get them out and stack them up. I drizzle syrup on them and eat them slowly.

"So, happy birthday!" my mom smiled.

"Yeah yeah." I groan with a mouth full of waffles.

"Hey wait, weren't you supposed to get your first Pokemon today?" Mom asked.

My eyes widen. "OH CRAAAAAAP." I realize I had forgotten to get my Pokemon from Professor Oak. I dash upstairs and gather my bag. I then start to dash down the stairs and I fall. Again. "OH OUCH JEEZ F**K CRAP GOD S**T DAMMIT OUCH!" This time mom just laughed. I made sure I didn't tell her I loved her before I left.

I run off from my house and almost straight into the grass.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING KID?!" I hear a man screech behind me. I froze in place. "DIDN'T YOU KNOW THERE A POKEMON IN THE TALL GRASS?!" He shouted.

"Yes. I did. I forgot."


Well that dampened my spirits. "Hey, could you yell louder? I don't think they can hear you in SINNOH."

"Tut tut tut. Since you're so eager, I'll give you your first Pokemon. Just tell me your name."

LOL. I was so rude and I just get a cool Pokemon. "My name is Corey!" I smiled.

"What a nice name!" Brandon, my Rival, walks up. "Now this is your friend and my grandson! What's his name?!" He looked at me.

I stared at him. For a loooong time. He had really forgotten his own GRANDSONS's name. "...It's Brandon." I mutter.

"Er, oh yeah! Now come with me to my lab!" He grinned.

Okay, I'm going with Alzheimer's Disease.

We arrive in his lab. was

"Now, I'll have you pick a Pokemon Corey!" He laughed.

"WHAT ABOUT ME?1?11?!!!/!11!/!??!QUESTION MARK!!111!ONE!/!?/!/??SLASH?!" Brandon cried.

"Hush! You'll get one too!" He scolded.

I look at the three Pokemon.


"I'll take Squirtle! <3" I announced.

"Nice choice!" He said.

"Then I'll take this one!" Brandon said. "Charmander!"

"ur gttn bulbasar -________-" Oak said.

"Fine." Brandon dropped Charmander.

"BATTLE MEH!!!!!111!!!11" Brandon cried.

"Okay sounds fun! I mean I could be going on my journey but okay!" I cried.

"Lol, I like how you thought you had a choice." He said. "BULBASAUR GET IN THERE!" He shouted.

"Go Squirtle!" I threw the Pokeball.

"FRENZY PLANT!1111!!!111!1" He exclaimed. Bulbasaur just looked at him. "Fine, Tackle..." He whispered.

The Bulbasaur charged and hit Squirtle head on. Squirtle rose.

"You use Tackle too!" I announced.

****Two Minutes Later****

"Alright, we're down to equal HP! Bulbasaur, Tackle!" He looked determined. However, he would die this turn and I would only die next turn! Unless..." Eyes widened.

"CRITICAL HIT YAH!!!" Brandon cheered. Squirtle fainted.


"You lost this time, and normally you'd have to pay. But for this time, I'll pay for you." Oak smiled.

"SMELL YA L8R LOL" Brandon screamed as he ran out the door.

I hate this already. -_-

Alright! This is chapter one! I hope you guys enjoyed it! ^^;

Chapter two up soon!
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