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I anxiously inspected the unfamiliar surroundings that I found myself in. I had come from the next town over, and I'd never been here before. I was scheduled to meet with Professor Cedar, who was going to introduce me to my new Pokemon friend so that we could go on an adventure together. It was exciting prospect, but I was too excited to be able to think straight. I had no idea where I was going; I saw other people my age who looked like new trainers, so I just assumed I was in the right town. I had no idea where the Professor's lab might be, however.

I started to wander aimlessly through the town, hoping to find some sort of sign that lead me in the right direction. As I did, numerous thoughts were filling my mind, and were making me anxious. What if the Professor didn't have the right Pokemon for me? What if my new friend didn't like me? What if I somehow messed up, and ended up journey prematurely? These kinds of thoughts were tempting me to turn around and head home now; I didn't want to bear the disappointment. But I had come this far, and a big part of me was still really excited to meet my new friend, who would hopefully be my friend for a long time to come.

I was interrupted from my thoughts and mindless wandering by a young woman, who looked concerned. "You look lost there man, are you alright?" I nodded, and promptly asked her where I could find the Professor's lab. She smiled and pointed me to a larger laboratory in the middle of town. I couldn't believe I didn't notice the building earlier. I thanked her and she smiled again before leaving me be. That was weird for me; I wasn't accustomed to such friendliness, but it filled me with hope. If I was lucky, my new friend would be a lifelong one, and I would meet many more friendly people in my adventures.

I approached the building and pushed open the door, gently peeking my head inside. There were lab assistants running around everywhere, managing many different experiments or chasing after a small Rattata or Patrat which was running around the lab freely. A woman smiled at me from a larger desk as I made my way through the lab, so I asked her the obvious question, "Hi, are you Professor Cedar? I wanted to talk to you about hopefully meeting a new friend..."

She just smiled in understanding, and handed me a form. She had probably done this plenty of times by now, but this was new and exciting for me. I looked at the form and saw many different boxes and categories which the Professor needed to fill out, but saw only two lines that I needed to add to. So I did;

Name: Brayden Zidale
Pokemon: Buneary

I handed the form back to her, mumbling, "S-s-s-so yea, if you have a Buneary, th-th-that would be awesome, please." I hoped she didn't ask me about my unusual surname, it was almost embarrassing, and so many people either got it wrong, or made fun of me for it.

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