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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

The group waited anxiously for Stefan and Klaus to come to the house as more cuts and burns appeared on Abigail's, Scarlet's and Ashley's body, though Ashley ignored her own and only focused on healing her children. Stefan and Klaus rushed inside the house as they quickly knelt down next to Ashley and her children, Ashley locking eyes with Klaus.

"Did Stefan tell you everything?"

"Yes." Klaus responded to Ashley's question, looking over to the children in a panic.

"Why is Katherine doing this?" Lexi asked as Klaus pulled out his cell phone.

"In 1490 Katherine was still human and had a baby, but was forced to give her baby girl away. When she turned nineteen in 1492 she got turned into a Vampire, so I think how she sees it is that if she couldn't have her child then neither can Ashley and Ichiru." Klaus explained, a sharp pain suddenly entering Ashley's stomach. It felt much worse than the other wounds Katherine was inflicting, bringing Ashley to lift up her shirt halfway.

"Oh no..." Ashley said, looking as if she had been stabbed deeply with a knife. She quickly looked over to her children, the two toddlers not even screaming anymore as both of them fell unconscious from the fatal wound. "NO!" Ashley screamed, tears instantly pooling her eyes as she bit down on both of her wrists and placed each one in her children's mouths to heal the stab wound.

"Now she's trying to kill the children." Klaus growled as he stood up, typing in a number on his phone and walked a few feet away.

"I can still hear their heartbeats." Caroline said, everyone pretty much in a panicked frenzy at this point. After a few more moments of talking Klaus returned to the group, placing his phone back into his pocket as he looked at everyone.

"My Witch wasn't able to take down the spell but she was able to reverse it." Klaus said, kneeling down next to the toddlers as the wounds healed, the two opening their eyes a few moments later.

"Wait, what does that exactly mean?" Kotomi questioned.

"It means that whatever wounds Abigail, Scarlet and Ashley get then Katherine will get them as well." Klaus explained.

"But if I were to stab myself, would my children get those wounds?" Ashley asked.

"No, they wouldn't." Klaus said with a shake of his head. This brought Ashley to stand up and quickly walk to the kitchen, grabbing a kitchen knife and stabbing herself in the stomach.

"What the bloody hell are you doing?" Kol asked in shock as Ashley bent over in pain.

"Giving Katherine a taste of her own medicine." Ashley growled, pulling out the bloodied knife and stabbing herself again.

"Mommy stop!" Abigail yelled as both her and Scarlet quickly stood to their feet and ran to their mother just as Ashley pulled out the knife and stabbed herself a third time, letting out a small cry of pain as her children stood in front of her. Ashley pulled out the knife and placed it on the counter, dropping to her knees where she wrapped each arm around her children.

"I promise that she will never target the two of you again." Ashley said, her wounds healing.

"We need to find her and kill her." Klaus said as he looked at everyone.

"She knows that she spell got switched around, so I have a feeling she had already fled town since she probably knows that you know about her being here." Diana said to Klaus.

"I'll have some of my Hybrids track her down and drag her back here so I can kill her myself." Klaus said, beginning to walk towards the door.

"Wait." Ashley said, Klaus stopping and turning to her. "Thank you, for coming to help. Why did you even come here in the first place?" Klaus was silent for a few moments, looking over to the children.

"Because Abigail and Scarlet are innocent children. Believe it or not, the thought of innocent children getting hurt or killed actually bothers me." Klaus said, leaving the house without another word.

"So he actually has a heart." Isobel spoke after a few moments.

"You guys should had seen the look on his face when I told him Katherine was targeting the children." Stefan said as he looked at everyone. "He truly showed fear, and not just because their blood is able to make Hybrids. Somehow... he's grown attached to the children and wants to protect them."

"That's so out of his character though." Damon pointed out.

"I know, but like what Isobel just said; Klaus still has a heart." Stefan said.

"I guess it was just proven by how fast he reacted." Ashley said, standing up and motioning her children up the stairs for a bath so the blood could be washed off of them.
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