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Default Re: Pokemon Black 2 Nuzlocke! (Totally NOT ripping off CM!)

Host - Slenderman

Okay, Bakura, do you have a shot of him?" Marik asks.

"Yes, yes, Marik, I have the bloody shot," Bakura replies.

"Hey, guys, can I be a host?" Slendy comes up and asks.

"Oh, bloody hell, not YOU again!"

"Just give him the part."

"Okay, it's Slenderman here being the host of this! We're gonna start off by introducing Innuqx! He is a...Nobody. Well, that's not nice! He should get a hug!"

"...'Kay, got my Xtransceiver, my bag, and Trainer Card," Innuqx says. "I think I am set!"

"Hey, do you need a hug?" I come up and ask him.

"...God, no."

Well, after THAT failed attempt, he finds his friend named Zayn.

"How are you doing, bud?" Zayn asks. "When are you planning to get your Pokemon?"

"Well, I'm planning to get mine now," Innuqx replies. So, what are these things called "Pokemon?" Can they be eaten, like children? Anyways, Innuqx and Zayn walk up to the famous point in Aspertia and find a capsule! Ooh, mysterious capsules! I just love those! So, Innuqx sees the capsule and presses the button on it. He then proceeds with picking up a red and white sphere and leaves.

"Wouldn't you like to test your Pokemon out?" Zayn calls out.

"Well, I should probably let him or her out of his/her Poke Ball..." So, he tosses the sphere into the air and pops out an adorable otter! Ooh!!!

"...MAN, it was cramped in there!" The Oshawott says. "Thanks for letting me out, man."

"How about I call you 'Xix'?"

"Now, let's battle!" So, the two people battle using the creatures. Personally, I like sneaking up behind them. Oh, and the boy named Zayn has a green snake thing. They were tackling each other until the snake said something.

"This isn't the kind of twist I like!!!" Snivy says.

"Tackle!" Xix shouts. Then, the snake falls down and is recalled into the sphere. Really, can they be comfortable inside there? Well, stay tuned, for this is only part one!

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