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Default Re: Role Play Announcements/Feedbacks/Chat

I hope this doesn't count as a necro, as this thread hasn't been active for more than a year. I just had wanted to let the RP community know that I've finally revamped my old Teen Titans RP thanks to Neo giving me some extra material and just being a good person to discuss ideas with. Unfortunately, the activity here seems to be low, and we decided to run it on Serebii. If you don't mind going off forum for it, we'd love to see some people from Elite join it.

By the way, we need a Raven. Any Raven fans out there?

Here's the direct link to the signup thread: if you're not familiar with the source material, think of it as basically a Superhero/Villain RP.

I hope it isn't against the rules to announce RPs that aren't on Elite. I'm really sorry if it is.
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