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Default Re: Top 10 Best Pokemon-Make Your Own List!

Well everyone necro'd, so might as well join 'em! Boosting activity anyways. xD

10. Feraligatr - I have to work in all of the Johto starters! Powerful water type with great move pool, cool, great water type, sweet design. Third choice for a starter!
9. Meganium - Cute, powerful, healing, caring, and graceful. Definitely second pick for a starter!
8. Honchkrow - Powerful, awesome move set, witty, charming. The best Dark type around.
7. Azumarill - Cute Johto Pokemon, with awesome moves and abilities. Love it's cry too. X3
6. Dragonite - Awesome moves, cool Pokemon, caring natured, and perfect friend.
5. Togekiss - Cute Flying type, you get it in the storyline of HG/G, spectacular move pool, and very fun to play with!
4. Leafeon - Beautiful Grass Type, evolves from Eevee, cute, awesome attack and defense!
3. Jolteon - Favorite Eeveelution, cool, cute, speedy, powerful, loyal, and awesome!
2. Ampharos - Powerful, defensive, and a trustworthy choice.
1. Typhlosion - Where do I begin?! First Pokemon ever, cute and cool, powerful, explosive, and everything else awesome! Will always be my favorite and has been from the very start of my Pokemon adventure.
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